Decorative trees in India

Ornamental Plants is planted for the beauty of garden, lawn and home. We are the reputed manufacturers and suppliers of decorative plants in India. We at Sachin Nursery offer different kinds of decorative trees; the name of the some plants is given below:

Palm plant (Bottle palm, Cycus Palm, Arica palm)

Ficus Plant (Black Ficus, Panda, Ficus benjamina )

Ashoka Plant

Aerokeria Plant

Farkeria Plant

Junipers Plant

Washingtonia Plant

Golden Bottle brush etc.

We offer all above the decorative plants in different sizes and also offer the ficus in ring according to the demand of the client.

Our Gallery

Ficus plant

Ficus Plant

Ficus is the best decorative plant for home and farm house. We offer different kinds of Ficus plant like in different sizes with best quality.

junipers plant

Junipers Plant

Junipers plant is also good looking and attractive we are manufacturer and suppliers of junipers plant in India with bulk quantity.

 golden bottle brush

Golden Bottle brush

Golden bottle brush is good decorative plant, good looking and has fewer prices. It is planted in house, garden farm house and road sides for natural beauty.

washingtonia plant

Washingtonia Plant

Washingtonia palm is some costly as comparison to other decorative plants, we offer these plant in many sizes with best quality in all over india.